Thursday, 10 March 2011

Welcome to Technical Events of Utkarsh 2011

Dear Participants at Tech Events@Utkarsh 2011,

How are you doing? This blog is to organize the competition of technical events at Utkarsh 2011. This year   Utkarsh Technical events have more than Rs. 2 lakhs in prize money. We want a systematic way to evaluate your projects where you not only build your technology but also learn how to write technical proposals,  how to present them and give a hi-impact demo of your technical product so that there is NO doubt left in the mind of your audience. We want you to showcase your magic openly!

**Proposal shouldn't be more than two pages. Please make three segments-1. Application-2. Technical design-3. Market scenario for the proposal technology.**

This competition will be organized in three phases.

1. Request for proposals (RFP) - last date of submission-31st March 2011.

Please submit all your technical ideas with clear application and a clear well researched market budget in mind.  Please learn to be brief and to the point. Brevity is soul of wit. You can send your proposals directly through email to me to .

2. Selected candidates will be evaluated for presentation-last date of announcement-10th April 2011

3. Final Demo-last date of demo-20th of April, 2011.

thanks for your participation and we look forward to you for incredible display of your talents!
-Priya Ranjan

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